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Download 692020-02-18A belief is a scab on your mind that can fall away when the wound is healed. The wound is usually the fear of not knowing.
Download 1782020-02-20A good person is trained to break their own heart before breaking other people’s hearts.
Download 1562020-02-18A lack of authentic relationship produces overwhelm.
Download 572020-02-18A problem signals the start of the next gameworld.
Download 1852020-02-20A woman does not need a man to make her into a woman.
Download 172020-02-18Addiction is not the problem. Addiction is the solution to the problem.
Download 1652020-02-18Admitting that you have clear impulses of anger, fear, sadness, and joy makes you an agent of change.
Download 1642020-02-18Aggression comes from being scared.
Download 1822020-02-20An edgeworker’s Track Record has credibility according to a new set of standards.
Download 282020-02-18Before you can create possibility for someone else, you must first create possibility for yourself. The way to create possibility for yourself is to shift identity. A useful identity to shift into is the identity called Possibility Manager.
Download 1552020-02-18Being cool slows down your attention.
Download 1152020-02-18Being nice is Gremlin food.
Download 352020-02-18Being offended is a result of self-importance.
Download 1432020-02-18Being reasonable blocks you from being yourself.
Download 2072020-09-22Being yourself is not as easy as it sounds.
Download 102020-02-18Between the outer world (sights, sounds, physical sensations, smells, experiences, relationships, external conversations, etc.), and the inner world (concepts, memories, reactions, images, internal conversations, etc.), there exists a thin space of freedom called the gap.
Download 632020-02-18Bringing integrity to your clarity results in discipline. – Or – Nothing changes until it hurts.
Download 02019-03-07By integrating Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge into your five bodies you change your relationship with the Universe.
Download 1842020-02-20Changing the story you tell yourself about a situation changes the situation.
Download 792020-02-18Clear firm boundaries form the jungle gym upon which children develop muscles of responsibility.
Download 92020-02-18Communication is the manifestation of purpose.
Download 1162020-02-18Competing with others comes from not respecting yourself.
Download 2082020-09-22Confidence is delusional.
Download 1372020-02-18Contributing your talents full out can feel like you are going crazy.
Download 972020-02-18Creating is more powerful than depression.
Download 312020-02-18Distinctions are a higher technology than boundaries.
Download 192020-02-18Distinctions create clarity. Clarity creates possibility.
Download 262020-02-18Each space is connected to every other space.
Download 1972019-09-13Each time you listen to a Gremlin Rumor without destroying it, you become as contaminated as the person who tells it to you.
Download 1462020-02-18Either you consciously design each gameworld you live in or you are a pawn in someone else’s gameworld.
Download 202020-02-18Emotions are incomplete feelings.
Download 852020-02-18Every action you make navigates you into one of three kinds of relationship: ordinary, extraordinary or archetypal.
Download 382020-02-18Everything happens wordlessly.
Download 42020-02-18Everything that happens is neutral.
Download 2102020-09-22Expectation assassinates reality.
Download 1492020-02-18Fear is the most useful feeling for animals. Human beings are animals.
Download 562020-02-18Fear of death indicates that you are not really living.
Download 212020-02-18Feedback is gold.
Download 1472020-02-18Feeling resentful means your Gremlin is running your life.
Download 2062020-09-22Feelings generate action. Emotions generate reaction.
Download 1952019-09-13Flow restarts through speaking your unspoken things.
Download 962020-02-18For 40,000 years human beings knew that children do not become adult except through formidable initiation processes. We seem to have forgotten.
Download 592020-02-18For a human being, the stimulus never causes the response.
Download 1962019-09-13Freeing yourself from perfectionism should not free you from being neurotic.
Download 1352020-02-18God did not rest on the seventh day.
Download 622020-02-18Goddesses are made, not found.
Download 1392020-02-18Grief is not an emotion; it is the appropriate and necessary participation in a change process.
Download 1202020-02-18Guilt is a concept.
Download 412020-02-18Having a conversation about the conversation creates the possibility of possibility.
Download 2002020-09-22Having integrity does not restrict your freedom of movement.
Download 1602020-02-18If it is not okay to feel afraid you may have trouble going to sleep.
Download 1122020-02-18If it is so important to send children to school so they gain social competence, where does all the social competence go?
Download 1242020-02-18If where you place your attention is determined by your story, then your Box is living your life, not you.
Download 812020-02-18If you are not doing your art it is because you do not have to.
Download 502020-02-18If you are not feeling afraid, you are not creating.
Download 1572020-02-18If you are single your Box has won.
Download 482020-02-18If you cannot make a decision then there is a part of your Box that is playing dead.
Download 992020-02-18If you do not consciously feed your Gremlin then Gremlin feeds on you.
Download 1272020-02-18If you do not own the parallel energetic ecology of demons and light- beings then that ecology owns (and eats) you.
Download 922020-02-18If you move faster than the speed of love then you avoid the experience of love.
Download 1762020-02-18If you use sexual energy in your defense strategy you don’t get to be yourself.
Download 822020-02-18If you want it you will not get it.
Download 1192020-02-18If your self-image is based on what you see when you look in the mirror, your woman is getting very bored.
Download 952020-02-18In the moment you seriously consider suicide your authentic life can begin.
Download 1422020-02-18Insecurity is the fear of feeling fear.
Download 1882020-02-20Intimacy becomes delightful through expressing the fears in your 5 bodies.
Download 802020-02-18Intimacy heals denial.
Download 1542020-02-18Intolerance is a doorway to intimacy.
Download 1692020-02-18It changes you to know where you got the time to read this SPARK.
Download 1732020-02-18It could be that your adult ego-state is contaminated by your child ego- state.
Download 1742020-02-18It could be that your unsuccesses are revenge against your parents.
Download 1832019-09-13It is all foreplay.
Download 1312020-02-18It is impossible to be offended.
Download 1322020-02-18It makes a difference whether you serve from a concept or from your four bodies.
Download 1082020-02-18It requires new skills to parent children who may live longer than civilization.
Download 1512020-02-18Leadership is a shadow principle. Circular organizations require spaceholding.
Download 1932020-02-20Life is a nonspecific question.
Download 1182020-02-18Looking for the leader is seeking someone else to blame.
Download 522020-02-18Love does not come from somebody else.
Download 912020-02-18Low drama is false ecstasy.
Download 122020-02-18Low drama is not life.
Download 2012020-09-22Modern culture made you into an imaginal cell of next culture.
Download 292020-02-18Modern technology does not give you security.
Download 2142020-10-26More Love happens when you say the Purpose of a communication.
Download 872020-02-18New results come from new mental maps.
Download 442020-02-18Ninety-nine percent of the possibilities available to you right now are invisible to you.
Download 712020-02-18No amount of processing will ever remove the hooks of resentment from your heart.
Download 1772020-02-20No one can be you but you.
Download 1942020-02-20No one can stand in your juiciness but you.
Download 1682020-02-18Nothing confuses the universe more than your own indecisiveness.
Download 462020-02-18One person with possibility can reinvent the world.
Download 1442020-02-18Parenting ends with a Mom or Dad graduation party.
Download 542020-02-18People are primates.
Download 1812020-02-20People shout “No!” louder and longer than they shout “Yes!”
Download 1142020-02-18Politicians are not your leaders.
Download 532020-02-18Positionality is the Box defending itself.
Download 762020-02-18Possibility Village exists already now.
Download 2092020-09-22Possibility is the Third Force.
Download 32020-02-18Problems with people come from expecting they should be different from their Box.
Download 492020-02-18Reasons are only an attempt to look sane.
Download 702020-02-18Relationship gets in the way of intimacy.
Download 362020-02-18Relationship is an ongoing act of nonlinear creation.
Download 452020-02-18Relationships thrive when you commit to what the other person is committed to.
Download 1292020-02-18Responsibility is applied consciousness.
Download 112020-02-18Responsibility is the procedure for change.
Download 862020-02-18Saying YES is a lie unless you are also fully able to say NO.
Download 1332020-02-18Saying what you want is different from making a boundary.
Download 1982019-10-31Saying what you want makes you vulnerable.
Download 1172020-02-18Security and commitment are mutually exclusive.
Download 1302020-02-18Shock is improperly integrated life energy.
Download 402020-02-18Something completely different from this is possible right now.
Download 1592020-02-18Stage-fright comes from putting your center into the future and your attention on yourself.
Download 552020-02-18Stay hungry.
Download 432020-02-18Stress is the unacknowledged fear that something you already experienced will happen again.
Download 1342020-02-18Taking control of your outer TV frees you to take control of your inner TV.
Download 1132020-02-18Taking responsibility for your intrinsic power of conscious choice ignites your creative potential.
Download 1232020-02-18Television is modern culture’s substitute for community.
Download 252020-02-18The Box survives in a verbal reality. There are other realities.
Download 372020-02-18The best way to learn something is to teach it.
Download 602020-02-18The extraordinary cannot be reached through the ordinary.
Download 1092020-02-18The hidden purpose of your relationship may be to feed your Gremlin.
Download 1002020-02-18The idea of incompatible evolution is a fallacy.
Download 1522020-02-18The more intensely you feel the consequences, the fewer messes you are willing to make.
Download 392020-02-18The most devious victim story is the responsible victim story.
Download 242020-02-18The most important thing that ever happened to you in your entire life is happening right now.
Download 682020-02-18The problem is the solution. (Go into it.)
Download 1922020-02-20The reason is not the cause. Purpose prevails.
Download 642020-02-18The road to discovery is not the road to happiness.
Download 162020-02-18The space determines what is possible.
Download 1262020-02-18The thoughtmaps you are using determine how reality works for you.
Download 892020-02-18The vast majority of your actions originate from the weakest of motives: status.
Download 1862020-02-20There are five neurotic strategies for control.
Download 1582020-02-18There are only two things in life: bullshit, and nothing.
Download 982020-02-18There are two kinds of learning: defensive and expansive.
Download 152020-02-18There exist gaps between moments.
Download 1622020-02-18There is a difference between doing it right and navigating space.
Download 342020-02-18There is a difference between positive feedback and praise. Praise is conditioning.
Download 332020-02-18There is a difference between your heart and your soul. Your heart is for giving to the people you love. Your soul is for giving to your destiny.
Download 832020-02-18There is a series of secret rooms. The key to the next room is in the room you are in.
Download 422020-02-18There is no enemy.
Download 1532020-02-18There is no learning step during Gremlin feeding.
Download 62020-02-18There is no such thing as a problem.
Download 942020-02-18There is no such thing as profit. In a closed system all costs are eventually revealed.
Download 1802020-02-20There is vast intelligence in the fear behind your stories.
Download 722020-02-18To be a leader does not mean to be the best, or to be perfect, or to know how, or to be in control.
Download 1112020-02-18To make something happen, commit first, before you know how – commitment creates the necessity for gaining knowledge and resources.
Download 182020-02-18Trust is a decision.
Download 882020-02-18Trying to be a single mom in modern Western civilization is impossible.
Download 612020-02-18Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
Download 2122020-09-22Unconsciousness glues things together.
Download 272020-02-18What really matters to you also happens to be your destiny.
Download 1662020-02-18What you can distinguish you can choose.
Download 672020-02-18What you disregard loses significance.
Download 322020-02-18What you have is what you want.
Download 772020-02-18When you are divided you know where Gremlin is.
Download 1892020-02-20When you are in reaction you give up your freedom to choose.
Download 1482020-02-18When you center yourself in Being, the Doing happens all by itself. This is the middle way.
Download 1612020-02-18When you lose the empty space of silence in yourself you are already hooked.
Download 1102020-02-18When you stop looking outside of yourself for who you are, you stop watching TV.
Download 782020-02-18Wherever you feel stress is precisely where you are being irresponsible.
Download 1382020-02-18Without fear, love is dead.
Download 1212020-02-18You are alone, therefore, you always have a valuable contribution to make.
Download 1712020-02-18You are already famous.
Download 1792020-02-20You are already ready enough for more than you think.
Download 52020-02-18You are always creating.
Download 1222020-02-18You are always improvising. You can never be fully prepared.
Download 732020-02-18You are not looking for something. You are looking for energetic food.
Download 1022020-02-18You are not making enough mistakes.
Download 1452020-02-18You are not what is written in your passport.
Download 22020-02-18You are not your Box.
Download 652020-02-18You are not your Box. (Part 2)
Download 1412020-02-18You are the space through which your archetypal lineage can do its work in the world.
Download 1912020-02-20You block transformational resources by using energetic “I know” and “I don’t know” torpedoes.
Download 1252020-02-18You built the dance floor for the dance you are dancing.
Download 142020-02-18You can access new possibilities by minimizing your NOW.
Download 1052020-02-18You can awaken aliveness through nonviolent non-cooperation with what is not you.
Download 842020-02-18You can be killed and not die.
Download 1992019-11-13You can choose about the forces influencing your choices.
Download 1402020-02-18You can commit to the people who tell you why they cannot commit to you.
Download 1902020-02-20You can get out of overwhelm the same way you got into it.
Download 132020-02-18You can responsibly choose, declare, and ask best when you are centered.
Download 222020-02-18You can shift who people are by shifting your stories about them.
Download 232020-02-18You can shift who you are by shifting other people's stories about you.
Download 1722020-02-18You cannot kill one story with another story.
Download 2112020-09-22You create physical pain to avoid suffering.
Download 82020-02-18You create reality with Is-Glue.
Download 302020-02-18You create your feelings to serve conscious or unconscious purposes.
Download 1872020-02-20You do not have roles, you have a Life.
Download 2042020-09-22You get to choose between being an Asshole or being a victim.
Download 12020-02-18You have a Box.
Download 752020-02-18You have a right to your true ambitions.
Download 932020-02-18You have infinite resources when you can ask for help.
Download 742020-02-18You live in a patriarchy. You have the power to make the patriarchy irrelevant.
Download 2052020-09-22You make someone into an authority to avoid being alive with them.
Download 1702020-02-18You may fear archetypal love because it leaves civilization behind as a stupid gameworld.
Download 1042020-02-18You may never know the value of what you write. Write anyway.
Download 1012020-02-18You may think that you understand. You may think that you do not understand. Both are illusions.
Download 662020-02-18You need not feel a certain way before you do a certain thing.
Download 1072020-02-18Your anger about a thing is the fuel you are given to change that thing.
Download 72020-02-18Your attention is your only resource.
Download 1062020-02-18Your culture changes in the moment you implement new ritual.
Download 1502020-02-18Your first priority as an adult is to design and move into the country you would love to live in.
Download 1632020-02-18Your greatest anger mirrors what you came here to do.
Download 902020-02-18Your greatest responsibility is to live your dream.
Download 2022020-09-22Your healing cannot complete until you give up being a wounded person.
Download 582020-02-18Your job as a Possibility Manager is to redeem the darkness.
Download 2032020-09-22Your life can become more wonderful if you share what is alive in you.
Download 1282020-02-18Your mind can understand concepts that have no relationship to reality, meaning, you could be seriously fooling yourself.
Download 512020-02-18Your mind functions in the service of your Box.
Download 2132020-09-22Your nanonation is bigger than modern culture America.
Download 1362020-02-18Your opportunities are shaped by your agreements.
Download 1032020-02-18Your partner can adore you only when you are vulnerably present.
Download 1672020-02-18Your possibility horizon expands when you view yourself in #hashtags rather than in categories.
Download 472020-02-18Your psychology is a virtual reality.
Download 1752020-02-18Your soul is fed by doing things you are willing to be made a fool for.