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Download 0002019-03-07By integrating Specific Practical Applications of Radical Knowledge into your five bodies you change your relationship with the Universe.
Download 0012020-12-28You have a Box.
Download 0022020-12-28You are not your Box.
Download 0032020-12-28Problems with people come from expecting they should be different from their Box.
Download 0042020-12-28Everything that happens is neutral.
Download 0052020-12-28You are always creating.
Download 0062020-12-28There is no such thing as a problem.
Download 0072020-12-28Your attention is your only resource.
Download 0082020-12-28You create reality with Is-Glue.
Download 0092020-12-28Communication is the manifestation of purpose.
Download 0102020-12-28Between the outer world (sights, sounds, physical sensations, smells, experiences, relationships, external conversations, etc.), and the inner world (concepts, memories, reactions, images, internal conversations, etc.), there exists a thin space of freedom called the gap.
Download 0112021-04-21Responsibility is the procedure for change.
Download 0122020-12-28Low drama is not life.
Download 0132020-12-28You can responsibly choose, declare, and ask best when you are centered.
Download 0142020-12-28You can access new possibilities by minimizing your NOW.
Download 0152020-12-28There exist gaps between moments.
Download 0162020-12-28The space determines what is possible.
Download 0172020-12-28Addiction is not the problem. Addiction is the solution to the problem.
Download 0182021-03-27Trust is a decision.
Download 0192020-12-28Distinctions create clarity. Clarity creates possibility.
Download 0202020-12-28Emotions are incomplete feelings.
Download 0212020-12-28Feedback is gold.
Download 0222020-12-28You can shift who people are by shifting your stories about them.
Download 0232020-12-28You can shift who you are by shifting other people's stories about you.
Download 0242020-12-28The most important thing that ever happened to you in your entire life is happening right now.
Download 0252020-12-28The Box survives in a verbal reality. There are other realities.
Download 0262020-12-28Each space is connected to every other space.
Download 0272020-12-28What really matters to you also happens to be your destiny.
Download 0282020-12-28Before you can create possibility for someone else, you must first create possibility for yourself. The way to create possibility for yourself is to shift identity. A useful identity to shift into is the identity called Possibility Manager.
Download 0292020-12-28Modern technology does not give you security.
Download 0302020-12-28You create your feelings to serve conscious or unconscious purposes.
Download 0312020-12-28Distinctions are a higher technology than boundaries.
Download 0322020-12-28What you have is what you want.
Download 0332020-12-28There is a difference between your heart and your soul. Your heart is for giving to the people you love. Your soul is for giving to your destiny.
Download 0342020-12-28There is a difference between positive feedback and praise. Praise is conditioning.
Download 0352020-12-28Being offended is a result of self-importance.
Download 0362021-03-27Relationship is an ongoing act of nonlinear creation.
Download 0372020-12-28The best way to learn something is to teach it.
Download 0382020-12-28Everything happens wordlessly.
Download 0392020-12-28The most devious victim story is the responsible victim story.
Download 0402020-12-28Something completely different from this is possible right now.
Download 0412020-12-28Having a conversation about the conversation creates the possibility of possibility.
Download 0422020-12-28There is no enemy.
Download 0432020-12-28Stress is the unacknowledged fear that something you already experienced will happen again.
Download 0442020-12-28Ninety-nine percent of the possibilities available to you right now are invisible to you.
Download 0452020-12-28Relationships thrive when you commit to what the other person is committed to.
Download 0462021-01-04One person with possibility can reinvent the world.
Download 0472021-01-04Your psychology is a virtual reality.
Download 0482021-01-04If you cannot make a decision then there is a part of your Box that is playing dead.
Download 0492021-01-04Reasons are only an attempt to look sane.
Download 0502021-01-04If you are not feeling afraid, you are not creating.
Download 0512021-01-04Your mind functions in the service of your Box.
Download 0522021-01-04Love does not come from somebody else.
Download 0532021-01-04Positionality is the Box defending itself.
Download 0542021-01-04People are primates.
Download 0552021-01-04Stay hungry.
Download 0562021-01-04Fear of death indicates that you are not really living.
Download 0572021-01-04A problem signals the start of the next gameworld.
Download 0582021-01-04Your job as a Possibility Manager is to redeem the darkness.
Download 0592021-01-04For a human being, the stimulus never causes the response.
Download 0602021-01-04The extraordinary cannot be reached through the ordinary.
Download 0612021-01-04Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
Download 0622021-01-04Goddesses are made, not found.
Download 0632021-01-04Bringing integrity to your clarity results in discipline. – Or – Nothing changes until it hurts.
Download 0642021-01-04The road to discovery is not the road to happiness.
Download 0652021-01-04You are not your Box. (Part 2)
Download 0662021-01-04You need not feel a certain way before you do a certain thing.
Download 0672021-01-04What you disregard loses significance.
Download 0682021-01-04The problem is the solution. (Go into it.)
Download 0692021-01-04A belief is a scab on your mind that can fall away when the wound is healed. The wound is usually the fear of not knowing.
Download 0702021-01-04Relationship gets in the way of intimacy.
Download 0712021-01-04No amount of processing will ever remove the hooks of resentment from your heart.
Download 0722021-01-04To be a leader does not mean to be the best, or to be perfect, or to know how, or to be in control.
Download 0732021-01-04You are not looking for something. You are looking for energetic food.
Download 0742021-01-04You live in a patriarchy. You have the power to make the patriarchy irrelevant.
Download 0752021-03-27You have a right to your true ambitions.
Download 0762021-01-04Possibility Village exists already now.
Download 0772021-01-04When you are divided you know where Gremlin is.
Download 0782021-01-04Wherever you feel stress is precisely where you are being irresponsible.
Download 0792021-01-04Clear firm boundaries form the jungle gym upon which children develop muscles of responsibility.
Download 0802021-01-04Intimacy heals denial.
Download 0812021-01-04If you are not doing your art it is because you do not have to.
Download 0822021-01-04If you want it you will not get it.
Download 0832021-01-04There is a series of secret rooms. The key to the next room is in the room you are in.
Download 0842021-01-04You can be killed and not die.
Download 0852021-01-04Every action you make navigates you into one of three kinds of relationship: ordinary, extraordinary or archetypal.
Download 0862021-01-04Saying YES is a lie unless you are also fully able to say NO.
Download 0872021-01-04New results come from new mental maps.
Download 0882021-01-04Trying to be a single mom in modern Western civilization is impossible.
Download 0892021-01-04The vast majority of your actions originate from the weakest of motives: status.
Download 0902021-01-04Your greatest responsibility is to live your dream.
Download 0912021-01-04Low drama is false ecstasy.
Download 0922021-01-04If you move faster than the speed of love then you avoid the experience of love.
Download 0932021-01-04You have infinite resources when you can ask for help.
Download 0942021-01-04There is no such thing as profit. In a closed system all costs are eventually revealed.
Download 0952021-01-04In the moment you seriously consider suicide your authentic life can begin.
Download 0962021-01-04For 40,000 years human beings knew that children do not become adult except through formidable initiation processes. We seem to have forgotten.
Download 0972021-01-04Creating is more powerful than depression.
Download 0982021-01-04There are two kinds of learning: defensive and expansive.
Download 0992021-01-04If you do not consciously feed your Gremlin then Gremlin feeds on you.
Download 1002021-01-04The idea of incompatible evolution is a fallacy.
Download 1012021-01-04You may think that you understand. You may think that you do not understand. Both are illusions.
Download 1022021-01-04You are not making enough mistakes.
Download 1032021-01-04Your partner can adore you only when you are vulnerably present.
Download 1042021-01-04You may never know the value of what you write. Write anyway.
Download 1052021-01-04You can awaken aliveness through nonviolent non-cooperation with what is not you.
Download 1062021-01-04Your culture changes in the moment you implement new ritual.
Download 1072021-01-04Your anger about a thing is the fuel you are given to change that thing.
Download 1082021-01-04It requires new skills to parent children who may live longer than civilization.
Download 1092021-01-04The hidden purpose of your relationship may be to feed your Gremlin.
Download 1102021-01-04When you stop looking outside of yourself for who you are, you stop watching TV.
Download 1112021-01-04To make something happen, commit first, before you know how – commitment creates the necessity for gaining knowledge and resources.
Download 1122021-01-04If it is so important to send children to school so they gain social competence, where does all the social competence go?
Download 1132021-01-04Taking responsibility for your intrinsic power of conscious choice ignites your creative potential.
Download 1142021-01-04Politicians are not your leaders.
Download 1152021-01-04Being nice is Gremlin food.
Download 1162021-01-04Competing with others comes from not respecting yourself.
Download 1172021-01-04Security and commitment are mutually exclusive.
Download 1182021-01-04Looking for the leader is seeking someone else to blame.
Download 1192021-01-04If your self-image is based on what you see when you look in the mirror, your woman is getting very bored.
Download 1202021-01-04Guilt is a concept.
Download 1212021-01-04You are alone, therefore, you always have a valuable contribution to make.
Download 1222021-01-04You are always improvising. You can never be fully prepared.
Download 1232021-01-04Television is modern culture’s substitute for community.
Download 1242021-01-04If where you place your attention is determined by your story, then your Box is living your life, not you.
Download 1252021-01-04You built the dance floor for the dance you are dancing.
Download 1262021-01-04The thoughtmaps you are using determine how reality works for you.
Download 1272021-01-04If you do not own the parallel energetic ecology of demons and light- beings then that ecology owns (and eats) you.
Download 1282021-01-04Your mind can understand concepts that have no relationship to reality, meaning, you could be seriously fooling yourself.
Download 1292021-01-04Responsibility is applied consciousness.
Download 1302021-01-04Shock is improperly integrated life energy.
Download 1312021-01-04It is impossible to be offended.
Download 1322021-01-04It makes a difference whether you serve from a concept or from your four bodies.
Download 1332021-01-04Saying what you want is different from making a boundary.
Download 1342021-01-04Taking control of your outer TV frees you to take control of your inner TV.
Download 1352021-05-03God did not rest on the seventh day.
Download 1362021-01-04Your opportunities are shaped by your agreements.
Download 1372021-01-04Contributing your talents full out can feel like you are going crazy.
Download 1382021-01-04Without fear, love is dead.
Download 1392021-01-04Grief is not an emotion; it is the appropriate and necessary participation in a change process.
Download 1402021-01-04You can commit to the people who tell you why they cannot commit to you.
Download 1412021-01-04You are the space through which your archetypal lineage can do its work in the world.
Download 1422021-01-04Insecurity is the fear of feeling fear.
Download 1432021-01-04Being reasonable blocks you from being yourself.
Download 1442021-01-04Parenting ends with a Mom or Dad graduation party.
Download 1452021-01-04You are not what is written in your passport.
Download 1462021-01-04Either you consciously design each gameworld you live in or you are a pawn in someone else’s gameworld.
Download 1472021-01-04Feeling resentful means your Gremlin is running your life.
Download 1482021-01-04When you center yourself in Being, the Doing happens all by itself. This is the middle way.
Download 1492021-01-04Fear is the most useful feeling for animals. Human beings are animals.
Download 1502021-01-04Your first priority as an adult is to design and move into the country you would love to live in.
Download 1512021-01-04Leadership is a shadow principle. Circular organizations require spaceholding.
Download 1522021-01-04The more intensely you feel the consequences, the fewer messes you are willing to make.
Download 1532021-01-04There is no learning step during Gremlin feeding.
Download 1542021-01-04Intolerance is a doorway to intimacy.
Download 1552021-01-04Being cool slows down your attention.
Download 1562021-01-04A lack of authentic relationship produces overwhelm.
Download 1572021-01-04If you are single your Box has won.
Download 1582021-01-04There are only two things in life: bullshit, and nothing.
Download 1592021-01-04Stage-fright comes from putting your center into the future and your attention on yourself.
Download 1602021-01-04If it is not okay to feel afraid you may have trouble going to sleep.
Download 1612021-01-04When you lose the empty space of silence in yourself you are already hooked.
Download 1622021-01-04There is a difference between doing it right and navigating space.
Download 1632021-01-04Your greatest anger mirrors what you came here to do.
Download 1642021-01-04Aggression comes from being scared.
Download 1652021-01-04Admitting that you have clear impulses of anger, fear, sadness, and joy makes you an agent of change.
Download 1662021-01-04What you can distinguish you can choose.
Download 1672021-01-04Your possibility horizon expands when you view yourself in #hashtags rather than in categories.
Download 1682021-01-04Nothing confuses the universe more than your own indecisiveness.
Download 1692021-01-04It changes you to know where you got the time to read this SPARK.
Download 1702021-01-04You may fear archetypal love because it leaves civilization behind as a stupid gameworld.
Download 1712021-01-04You are already famous.
Download 1722021-01-04You cannot kill one story with another story.
Download 1732021-01-04It could be that your adult ego-state is contaminated by your child ego-state.
Download 1742021-01-04It could be that your unsuccesses are revenge against your parents.
Download 1752021-01-04Your soul is fed by doing things you are willing to be made a fool for.
Download 1762021-01-04If you use sexual energy in your defense strategy you don’t get to be yourself.
Download 1772021-01-04No one can be you but you.
Download 1782021-01-04A good person is trained to break their own heart before breaking other people’s hearts.
Download 1792021-01-04You are already ready enough for more than you think.
Download 1802021-01-04There is vast intelligence in the fear behind your stories.
Download 1812021-01-04People shout “No!” louder and longer than they shout “Yes!”
Download 1822021-01-04An edgeworker’s Track Record has credibility according to a new set of standards.
Download 1832021-01-04It is all foreplay.
Download 1842021-01-04Changing the story you tell yourself about a situation changes the situation.
Download 1852021-01-04A woman does not need a man to make her into a woman.
Download 1862021-01-04There are five neurotic strategies for control.
Download 1872021-01-04You do not have roles, you have a Life.
Download 1882021-01-04Intimacy becomes delightful through expressing the fears in your 5 bodies.
Download 1892021-01-04When you are in reaction you give up your freedom to choose.
Download 1902021-01-04You can get out of overwhelm the same way you got into it.
Download 1912021-01-04You block transformational resources by using energetic “I know” and “I don’t know” torpedoes.
Download 1922021-01-04The reason is not the cause. Purpose prevails.
Download 1932021-01-04Life is a nonspecific question.
Download 1942021-01-04No one can stand in your juiciness but you.
Download 1952019-09-13Flow restarts through speaking your unspoken things.
Download 1962019-09-13Freeing yourself from perfectionism should not free you from being neurotic.
Download 1972019-09-13Each time you listen to a Gremlin Rumor without destroying it, you become as contaminated as the person who tells it to you.
Download 1982019-10-31Saying what you want makes you vulnerable.
Download 1992019-11-13You can choose about the forces influencing your choices.
Download 2002020-09-22Having integrity does not restrict your freedom of movement.
Download 2012020-09-22Modern culture made you into an imaginal cell of next culture.
Download 2022020-09-22Your healing cannot complete until you give up being a wounded person.
Download 2032021-03-19Your life can become more wonderful if you share what is alive in you.
Download 2042020-09-22You get to choose between being an Asshole or being a victim.
Download 2052020-09-22You make someone into an authority to avoid being alive with them.
Download 2062020-09-22Feelings generate action. Emotions generate reaction.
Download 2072020-09-22Being yourself is not as easy as it sounds.
Download 2082020-09-22Confidence is delusional.
Download 2092021-07-09Possibility is the Third Force.
Download 2102021-07-09Expectation assassinates reality.
Download 2112021-07-09You create physical pain to avoid suffering.
Download 2122021-07-09Unconsciousness glues things together.
Download 2132021-07-09Your nanonation is bigger than modern culture America.
Download 2142021-07-09More Love happens when you say the Purpose of a communication.
Download 2152021-07-09You trap yourself in a lie if you think you should be able to do something that you cannot.
Download 2162021-07-09Confusion comes from lying to yourself that you are not angry.
Download 2172021-07-09You use your wounds to feed your Gremlin or to feed your Transformation.
Download 2182021-07-09You can get out of the patriarchy the same way you got into it.
Download 2192021-07-09Clarity frees you from being trapped inside your doorless memetic survival cocoon.
Download 2202021-07-09The only time you know what to do is when you are being adaptive.
Download 2212021-07-11Any hierarchy you are in you made it yourself.
Download 2222021-07-11Trying to behave so that other people do not make evil stories about you blocks your Archetypal Lineage.
Download 2232022-09-30Inspiration does not come from amazing results.
Download 2242022-09-30Wanting people to change for the better means you are a researcher.
Download 2252021-11-14Between potential and current reality exists the Mage Interface.
Download 2262021-12-27When there are enough Doorways there are no more walls.
Download 2272022-02-21By making a conclusion you lock yourself into a fantasy world.
Download 2282022-02-21During Phase 1 of your Adulthood Journey you develop your Self Sensor.
Download 2292022-03-20Being Archan liberates you to be crazy enough to do what you came here to do.
Download 2302022-04-19Feeling afraid of being seen or heard signals that you have something to say.
Download 2312022-06-15Survival is the avoidance of Living.
Download 2322022-09-30Thinking there is a plan for what to do next makes you a Zombie.
Download 2332022-09-30Delivering your Nonmaterial Value opens your place in Archiarchy.
Download 2342022-11-07The Freedom you seek is buried under Authority you avoid taking.
Download 2352022-11-22You need space to Hold Space.
Download 2362022-12-22Collaborative Invention creates belonging.
Download 2372023-03-03By saying you cannot trust, you are saying you cannot be angry enough to take care of yourself.
Download 2382023-06-05Calibrating your Reality Compass ends your emotional fears about your own Agency.
Download 2392023-06-05You can only be lost if you are holding onto plans.
Download 2402023-06-06The more Something you are, the less access you have to Nothing.
Download 2412023-08-07Authority precedes Agency.
Download 2422023-10-02There is a difference between pressuring yourself to do a thing, and Sourcing that thing.
Download 2432024-01-22Your mind is incapable of protecting you from feeling fear.
Download 2442024-01-22Saying what you feel changes nothing unless you use your feelings to change something.
Download 2452024-01-22Radical Relating becomes possible the moment you Hit Bottom.
Download AAA2021-07-19What can be spoken is determined by what can be heard.
Download AAB2021-07-19Boxes come in layers.
Download AAC2021-07-19The designer of a Gameworld has more influence on its performance than the operator of the Gameworld.
Download AAD2021-07-19No one but you chooses the thoughtware you use to think with.
Download AAE2021-07-19Your metapurpose can have more influence that your purpose.
Download AAF2021-07-19The coin of the realm depends on what the realm values.
Download AAG2021-07-19A story from your past can block you from a present possibility.
Download AAH2021-07-19Creating Possibility for yourself involves a self-image change.
Download AAJ2021-07-19There are two kinds of bullshit.
Download AAK2021-07-19Everything is on purpose.
Download AAL2021-07-19Feedback from humans has spin.
Download AAM2021-07-19Confront with questions.
Download AAN2021-07-19When you want to change the results and you cannot change the circumstances then change what is possible.
Download AAO2021-07-19Your mind is yours to play with and make into whatever you want.
Download AAP2021-07-19Possibility is available by going nonlinear.
Download AAQ2021-07-19The world is one percent science and ninety-nine percent magic and most of the science is wrong.
Download AAR2021-07-19Give it a name.
Download AAS2021-07-19Disentangling yourself from problems that are not yours unleashes inner and outer resources to tangle with impossible problems.
Download AAT2021-07-19You are not obligated to follow what your mind says.
Download AAU2024-01-08Resentment is permanent revenge
Download AAV2024-01-08The purpose of the Box is to create and endless stream of meaningless thoughts, and the mind will fulfill its purpose.
Download AAW2024-01-08The world is made out of Love.
Download AAX2024-01-08If people love you, they put you on a higher position.
Download AAY2024-01-08Mind can do nothing with space. Mind can bring a model into the body, the body can move space.
Download AAZ2024-01-08Men run around after women because men have lost their dignity.
Download ABA2024-01-08Making yourself small
Download ABB2024-01-08The greatest gift you can give to your children is your own well being, so that they know it is possible. Children do not do what you do, they become who you are.
Download ABC2024-01-08Ego eats praise. Positive feedback is not praise.
Download ABD2024-01-08The difference between a boundary and a distinction is the difference between force and skill, wall and a picked fence.
Download ABE2024-01-08If you try to be something or try to not be something it still creates the thing. If you try to reach something, it will have the same outcome, you are putting energy on the thing.
Download ABF2024-01-08We do not feel a certain way before we do a certain thing.
Download ABG2024-01-08Our first practice is to feel because the only way we know we are alive is to feel.
Download ABH2024-01-08In very moment of our lives there is the possibility to contact worlds not bound by the laws of physics or mind. It is not magic, it is the structure of what is.
Download ABI2024-01-08Happiness comes from choosing what is.
Download ABJ2024-01-08Gaining access to the level of details where Possibility Management works results from accepting what is. (No fantasy, prosecutors, assumptions, expectations)
Download ABK2024-01-08The test for a human being is not having to scratch an itch when it itches.
Download ABL2024-01-08The liquid state is not valuable in and of itself. The liquid state is valuable in context, that is, while we are working.
Download ABM2024-01-08Relating is not about solving the problem of being lonely. Relating solves no problems. Relating is about creating the Archetypal Feminine and the Archetypal Masculine coming together and expressing itself into the world.
Download ABN2024-01-08A victim story is an invitation to create intimacy
Download ABO2023-10-02Just this is as good as it gets
Download ABP2024-01-08You must first be able to be Everything before you are willing to be Nothing. This means you must gain immediate spontaneous access to the four feelings by stellating archetypes, before you are willing to sustain the experience of being Nothing.
Download ABQ2024-01-08The basis of every communication is a status transaction.
Download ABR2024-01-08Every conversation we speak is a story. Every story opens a world with unique possibilities. There are no true stories.
Download ABS2024-01-08It can matter a lot to your gameworld if you are willing to be a center. Hierarchy kills possibility.
Download ABT2024-01-08We do not have to love ourselves before we love someone else.
Download ABU2024-01-08Nothing happens all by itself, but everything through practice and discipline.
Download ABV2024-01-08If you can’t live in the gap you don’t get to be your Archetypal Lineage in action.
Download ABW2024-01-08In the gap is innocence and Possibility.
Download ABX2024-01-08Relationship is meaningless.
Download ABY2024-01-08No one can decide for you. And no one can stop you when you decide for yourself.
Download ABZ2024-01-08There is a Giant in you.
Download ACA2024-01-08Gaia needs you to be a Global Citizen.
Download ACB2024-01-08It’s about endings, otherwise there are no new beginnings.
Download ACC2023-10-02It’s about endings, otherwise there are no new beginnings.
Download ACD2024-01-08We are designed to keep things the same – not designed to change, yet we were raised in modern culture and don’t know how to become villagers. To become a villager means make major changes in your self image.
Download ACE2024-01-08We long for belonging unquestioned to a people. Talking the belonging. Who are you if you already belong, if you already have a place?
Download ACF2024-01-08Taking responsibility for our own experience leads to taking responsibility for the physical and energetic space.
Download ACG2024-01-08Fear is fun. If you deny your own fears, we are manipulated by their manifestation. On the other hand, using fear consciously changes the status quo.
Download ACH2024-01-08Judging someone else as bad, or talking bad about someone else by complaining or blaming, is an expression of revenge.
Download ACI2024-01-08Telling others about your shame opens a space so healing processes can take place.
Download ACJ2024-01-08There is a difference between giving your center away and being committed.
Download ACK2023-10-02There is a difference between giving your center away and being committed.
Download ACL2024-01-08Windows are for seeing through, doors are for going through.
Download ACM2023-10-25Wake up! Everything is working, to think otherwise is to deny magic.
Download ACN2024-01-08The value of Conscious Theater is that it teaches you how to function in groundlessness.
Download ACO2024-01-08Leadership involves power. Power can be used to serve conscious or unconscious purposes.
Download ACP2024-01-08Possibility Management is a ways to create and work in the circumstance where possibility is a possibility.
Download ACQ2024-01-08Real play: you are always playing some kind of role. If you are acting strange, you are also weak at the same time.
Download ACR2024-01-08You have a story, a calling, what is your winning story?
Download ACS2024-01-08As a creative genius trapped in a fearful greedy world gone mad but sedated, your destiny unfolds through getting out.
Download ACT2024-01-08In a survival situation humans seek collaboration, psychopaths have more fear, less trust. They are unwilling to collaborate, so they seek control through hierarchy.
Download ACU2024-01-08Making games that matter is an epic adventure.
Download ACV2024-01-08It is an epic win to be used by questions.
Download ACW2024-01-08Playing a game can change the world.
Download ACX2024-01-08By learning the technology of creating gameworlds we learn to create life.
Download ACY2024-01-08In Archiarchy, there is no free time.
Download ACZ2024-01-08The only place you have power is when you are unsafe.
Download ADA2024-01-08The only place you have power is when you are unsafe.
Download ADB2024-01-08You always play some kind of role. If you are acting strong you are also weak at the same time.
Download ADC2024-01-08Mountains look like mountains until you push on them – then all of a sudden they are as tall as tissue paper.
Download ADD2024-01-08Relationship is meaningless.
Download ADE2024-01-08School intends to shape who you are as if it knows better.
Download ADF2024-01-08The machine is always weaving occlusions – putting truth in the way of realizing one thing: that the kingdom is at hand: here, now, just this.
Download ADG2024-01-08To take a stand we must lose ourselves completely, what is there is the stand – in this case – what is there is the teaching.
Download ADH2024-01-08School intends to shape who you are as if it knows better than you.
Download ADI2024-01-08To make a difference requires something that makes a difference.
Download ADJ2024-01-08It is possible to go other places than where our mind has already been.
Download ADK2024-01-08Both shrinking and expanding are functions of advanced skill building.
Download ADL2024-01-08Death is the second greatest unsolvable mystery. Because to get it about death, you have to get it about life. And life is an even greater unsolvable mystery. Like a koan. Struggling with or being eaten by either one will put us on the path.
Download ADM2024-01-08Wake up! Everything is working, to think otherwise is to deny magic.
Download ADN2024-01-08Both shrinking and expanding are functions of advanced skill building.
Download ADO2024-01-08Death is the second greatest unsolvable mystery. Because to get it about death, you have to get it about life. And life is an even greater unsolvable mystery. Like a koan. Struggling with or being eaten by either one will put us on the path.
Download ADP2024-01-08The game of evolution is very different from the game of surviving.
Download ADQ2024-01-08Being alive starts with dying as often as possible.
Download ADR2024-01-08????
Download ADS2024-01-08In Archiarchy, there is no free time.
Download ADT2024-01-08Sacrifices are fierce weapons against sleep and self-love.
Download ADU2024-01-08Being alive starts with dying as often as possible.
Download ADV2024-01-08Sacrifices are fierce weapons against sleep and self-love